Through the Grace of God, the mission of

St. Andrew's is to nurture each person's relationship with God through worship, praise, and study, to be a loving community, and to spread Christ's Kingdom.




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COVID-19 Resources

Our hope and prayer is that you find this page helpful during this time.
Episcopal Church Foundation: Vital Practices/Covid-19 Resources
Please visit www.churchpublishing.org for a full list of books and resources available in print and eBook format.
Book of Common Prayer can be found here in PDF form
Book of Common Prayer can be found online here
Podcast: The Red Door - Learn More
Barbara Cawthorne Crafton, well-known author and retreat leader, offers Living Lent, meditations on the hymns of the season. 
For children, Karin Holsinger Sherman offers Candle Walk , a beautiful illustrated picture book that prepares children for sleep by taking them on a candlelit wander through the woods and inviting them to experience Compline, a centuries-old practice of contemplative evening prayer. Appropriate for toddlers through elementary aged children.
Keeping Faith at Home with Children - Learn More
There are a variety of reasons why families are often unable to attend church: sports, travel, illness, school related activities, and so much more. Often our communities have been affected by natural disasters: hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, or snow storms. These are usually isolated areas of our country depending on the circumstance. 
The Faces of Easter: Parts 1 - 4 - Learn More
Episopalian families (and anyone!), Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Oregon, is doing a YouTube Godly Play series during this COVID-19 pandemic, and the first two episodes are live. Check them out, and post your family's reflections & takeaways in the comments! We'll be adding more every Sunday at 11:30 am Pacific.  
Night Prayers from the Chapel - Find Program Here
We will be streaming candlelight compline from https://www.facebook.com/trinityretreatcenter/
the Trinity Retreat Center’s tone chapel in West Cornwall, CT, at 8:30 pm through March. In the midst of our anxiety, fear, sickness, and turmoil, we invite you to enter the darkness of each night with hope, peace, solidarity, unity, and contemplation on God's everlasting love. 
Here are tips for staying home amid coronavirus fears.  Read More

For the past 29 years, I’ve chosen to practice social distancing.

Of course, I and the 17 other nuns I live with don’t call it that.

We are formally called cloistered sisters, meaning we never leave our walled-off monastery in Summit except for doctors’ visits or perhaps shopping for a specific item. We don’t go to parties or weddings or out to eat with friends. I often go months without leaving our 8-acre home. 

​Free PBS App - Learn More
Download the Free PBS Video App | PBSSocial distancing doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring the world. With the free PBS Video app, you can still travel the globe, see your favorite musical, discover new wildlife and more.