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Dioceses from California to Washington emphasize online options

By David Paulsen

[Episcopal News Service] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on March 12 issued his most direct guidance yet on coronavirus response across The Episcopal Church, telling members of the House of Bishops they have his support if they and their congregations choose to cancel public worship services to help slow the outbreak of the virus.   Read More...

I hope most of you got to review the letter put out by Bishop Ed on this topic. We have been in contact with the Episcopal Relief and Development so we can pass on information. The following information is not to alarm anyone or make anyone afraid to come to church. The chance of you getting this illness is low at this time and we want to see everyone in church unless you are sick; in that case then stay home. Corona Virus is spread by coughing or sneezing, please cover mouth if this happens as it can affect anyone within 6 to 7 feet.   Read More...


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