15th Sunday of Pentecost

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A Note from Rev. Mary  
July 24, 2020 

Dear people of God:

Our ministries have continued in a variety of ways: by Zoom, social media, pastoral care, etc., regardless of not being in our buildings. The church has been active and alive to the Gospel work we have been given to do.

Our commitment is to be part of a beloved community that asks us to be proactive in order to protect our neighbors and ourselves from the spread of COVID-19.


It is our hope, if the statistics show a downward trend for Covid-19 in our area that we can have a restricted opening, one service, on September 13, 2020.

Loving our neighbor in this extraordinary time of pandemic means we are trying to put into practice the respect, affection, benevolence, goodwill, and concern for the welfare of ourselves and our neighbors.


Today, we offer the extension of this love by practicing that love as we support the wearing of a mandatory mask. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We offer this support in the humility of being courteously respectful of others public health; affirming the inherent worth of all persons.

We endeavor to be wise leaders dedicated to not harming another. What we do is critical if we are to live life well, and living life well means taking responsibility for some behaviors so we can have a purposeful existence and good relationships that create a strong community.

In addition, we are utilizing guidelines prepared by the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma for our church; to include masks, social distancing, sanitizing of hands and buildings, among other items. No food or drink is allowed in our facilities and none will be served. There will be no singing until further notice.

Be safe and be well.            

Rev. Dr. Mary J. Korte

Interim Rector

To view video message from Bishop Ed on guidelines for returning to in-person worship.  CLICK HERE

St. Andrew’s is a church rich in tradition and ritual, but with a forward-looking attitude that welcomes all people, no matter where they are on their Christian journey. The members of St. Andrew's commune with God and each other through worship, prayer, and fellowship. As persons of reason and faith, we believe there is space in our worship to know God on an individual and collective level. Therefore, our community values each other's right to have a personal relationship with God—we do not let ideological differences disturb the community we have created together.


We have been a vital part of the Stillwater community since 1891, when we were founded. Ever since then, our members have been significant members of, and contributors to, our parish community and  our larger Stillwater community.

We are an affirming church.


The OSU Canterbury Center is the Episcopal Campus Ministry at Oklahoma State University.  Though we are a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church,  everyone is welcome.  Through worship, fellowship, community outreach, and hospitality our aim is to grow in faith and share God’s love with friend and stranger alike. 


We Episcopalians believe in a loving, liberating, and life-giving God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe in following the teachings of Jesus Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection saved the world. We have a legacy of inclusion, aspiring to tell and exemplify God’s love for every human being; women and men serve as bishops, priests, and deacons in our church. 

We believe that God loves you – no exceptions

The Book of Common Prayer is a treasure chest full of devotional and teaching resources for individuals and congregations, but it is also the primary symbol of our unity.  We, who are many and diverse, come together in Christ through our worship, our common prayer. The prayer book, most recently revised in 1979, contains our liturgies, our prayers, our theological documents, and much, much more.

Music in The Episcopal Church can be as diverse as its worship services. Although final authority over the music used in an Episcopal service is "the duty of every Minister" (Canon 24, Section 1), our hymnal draws all Episcopalians together musically in the same way that the Book of Common Prayer draws us together in prayer and liturgy. 

Information referenced taken from


Through the Grace of God, the mission of

St. Andrew's is to nurture each person's relationship with God through worship, praise, and study, to be a loving community, and to spread Christ's Kingdom.




516 W. Third Ave.

Stillwater, OK  74074





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