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What to Expect

What To Expect When You Visit.

The first thing you should expect is to be warmly greeted and welcomed. We are a church that literally welcomes everyone. We believe that God's love is for everyone without qualification or condition. We welcome everyone: old or young, gay or straight; and any color, income bracket, or political affiliation. We believe that, in God's eyes, we're all the same: We're all God's beloved children.

The worship service is provided in a printed booklet that alerts you to everything you'll need to know. It will include not only the text of the Bible readings, but also the music and words to the hymns, as well as suggestions for when people might wish to stand, sit or kneel. 

During the school year, we provide Christian Education for all ages, which begins at 9:15am. The classrooms are located on the second floor of our Administrative / Education Building. Adults meet in the Parish Hall, where snacks are generally served, for what is usually a topic-driven our Adult Education class. This groups meets throughout the year. Please feel free to ask anybody for directions.


Parking for visitors and persons with mobility concerns is located directly in front of the church on Third Ave.  Look for the signage 'Courtesy Parking'.

On-street parking is available for all others on Sunday mornings.

The Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma


The Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma transforms lives in the love of Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipleship, nurture, and service. As we engage with others in the love of Christ, God draws us together into worship, prayer, and a transformed life of service in Jesus' name.

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The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church has been a part of the American scene since her founding in the late 1700s. We are immediately descended from the Church of England, and, through them, can trace our roots to the first followers of Jesus.


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