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1953 – 1969

1953 saw the arrival of the Rev. Richard Allen. During his four years as priest, St. Andrews applied for and received Parish status and a parish hall was added, which was used for many successful bazaars, food sales, antique shows, and parish suppers. Such traditions continue today, especially the popular St. Andrews pre-Christmas arts fair, which draws countless crafts-persons and shoppers in early December to church property for one day, continuing a pattern of community service which in turn provides funding and good will for St. Andrews. Following a short period in 1957 and 1958 when services were conducted by lay readers and visiting priests, Rev. Wayne Metz arrived as rector for the next 12 years, assisted by two chaplains, Rev. John Dorr and Edward Rankin. During the Allen and Metz eras, facilities grew and stabilized church offerings and ministries.

In 1963, the Tudor style St. Andrews was razed and a new modern building, designed by communicants and architects Phil Wilber and Mr. and Ms. Cuthbert Salmon, was built. Completion of an educational wing was made possible by a grant presented to St. Andrews at the Triennial convention in St. Louis, 1964. In addition to the enlarged facility, the Women of St. Andrews established a thrift shop in November 1966. It began in one room of the church basement, later moved to a garage apartment next door, and finally to the rectory when that was vacated in 1970. The thrift shop would play a vital role in St. Andrews’s recent history, both as a needed resource for many residents and as a source of income that has been indispensable to many of the church’s programs. The shop underwrites the women’s budget, donates to St. Andrews’s projects, provides for many programs locally and statewide, and helps to clothe and house Stillwater residents at reasonable prices. Stillwater residents who inquire about St. Andrews, the church, invariably reply “Oh, you’re the ones with the Thrift Shop!”

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