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1970 – 1987

In 1970, St. Andrew’s welcomed Rev. William Powell and his family to the parish. His leadership in Christian Education was recognized not only on the parish level but the national scene as well, as he was a member of the National Executive Board. Under Fr. Powell’s able direction, guidance, and nurturing, St. Andrews grew both as a parish and community resource. Several priests served as his associates and to minister to OSU students during his tenure, which concluded in 1987—including an emphasis on Canterbury activities and college chaplains assigned to minister to students. He also oversaw the transition from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer to the 1979 version. The Great Eucharist Window was installed in the choir loft in April 1985. Stained glass lamps and floor-ceiling side windows were added in 1986, a memorable event that was accompanied by a series of impressive sermons by Father Bill on the imagery of each window.

A critical period of church history occurred in 1975, when the church suffered severe damage from a tornado. Not a service was missed, but it was necessary to meet in the church basement for several months. The old organ was damaged beyond repair, and a decision was made to purchase a new one in 1978, which has insured a high quality musical program at the church, with involvement by a number of OSU musicians and other communicants. The church sanctuary is known for its acoustical excellence and hosts various other musical events on a regular basis, both secular and religious.

Additional accomplishments during the tenure of Rev. Powell included the construction of a new Parish Hall in 1980, the dedication of a chapel in 1981, and the Narnia Children’s Library in 1989. His legacy of leadership and mentoring has been keys to the foundation of spiritual and communal life the parish.

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