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1988 – 2011

After Fr. Powell’s departure in 1987, his assistant, Rev. Jerry Miller served as interim priest until the church called Rev. Bob Fellows following a thorough search. From then until the present, the membership has remained steady and supportive for yet another long-term pastor whose abilities and family contributed much to the health of St. Andrews. In 1989, Mary Hileman, herself a former businesswoman and academic (PhD in Geology) arrived to serve as college chaplain, and like Fr. Bob, just resigned after a long and distinguished career in the community and on the OSU campus. No doubt there are few churches that have for so long enjoyed such continuity in an atmosphere of family, fellowship, and tolerance—all of which the current parishioners hope to maintain in the future.


While other denominations, Episcopalians and otherwise, reeled from the complicated changes in society brought about by the media and challenges to the status quo over the last two decades, St. Andrews, as always, was able to thrive and accommodate different views and approaches, while remaining steadfast in its liturgical life. Fr. Bob’s lengthy tenure, like that of Fr. Metz and Powell, reflected their leadership abilities, spiritually and otherwise, as well as their satisfaction with the environment that is common to college town life, so attractive to most who experience it. These terms portrayed the ever-changing, dynamic, and progressive, but also loyal, tolerant, and hard-working membership that has long characterized St. Andrews as it has moved from a simple prairie church, reflecting the values Oklahomans have long admired and embraced, to a community and college resource whose diversity provides its strength and character.

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